W.E.S. Distributors - Fabulon
W.E.S. Distributors carries the complete line of Fabulon's floor finishing products.

Fabulon Floor Finishings
Pictured above is a sample of the floor finishing capabilities of Fabulon.

Fabulon has focused on being a premium wood floor finish manufacturer and continues to maintain the highest standards in formulations that dry quickly, and provide an outstanding appearance and stand the test of time. Fabulon's polyurethanes are formulated with "on-spec", polyurethane resin and the highest quality grades of polyurethane resin. They are specifically tested for heavy-duty wood floor use. In addition, Fabulon polyurethane does not contain any alkyd varnish, which will shorten the life of your floor and be less resistant to scratching and marring.

  • Pro Aqua Centurion Gloss or Satin
  • Pro Fabulon Crystal II Gloss or Satin
  • Pro Polyurethane Gloss Premium or Regular
  • Pro Polyurethane Semi-Gloss or Super Satin
  • Pro Heavy Duty Sealer
  • Pro Premium Sealer
  • Pro Sanding Sealer